Thursday, December 8, 2016


Communication, Information Technology and Networking. Those are all “techy” words, however they also imply for interpersonal skills and relationship.
It all starts with ‘communication’ where party of two (or more) are are talking, negotiating with each other to express a message. To talk. Once a relationship was established, well...this is some sort of a basic network…

Customer Support, some will say Customer success. This is what I do in the last 24 years. It apparent to be that in parallel of building human network, i’m assisting computers to communicate, building ‘IT’ networks. Helping to shape the Cyber space.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

For some 24 years I have worked in various functions related to ‘Customer Success and Growth’, doing that at across the Cyber work-space. Be it in an military telecommunication unit, Greenfield ISP or IT. Looking into my backpack, checking what I have gained, and what I can do with the tools that I have made during the years. I have decided that it is about time that I will get Independence and start freelancing my knowledge and skills.

I had that thought some time ago. 10 years to be exact. Decided that it will be nice to revive my old DNS name that I was using back then, found it still available ….found some old (and ugly looking) logo.

So building up.. starting to spread the news...      

Monday, June 13, 2016

The definition of customer success

The definition of customer success is according to the big wiled web (www if you insist) as listed below:
“A proactive, holistic, and organization-level approach that leverages technology and real-enough-time visibility into customer health (not just usage data, but any contextual inputs) to ensure your customers – including those who directly use (users, administrators, etc.) and those who benefit from the use of your product – continually and increasingly receive value from your product over the course of their lifetime as a customer.” - Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen Ventures

The above statement noted first sometime between 2013 to 2013 and it was referring to SaaS, Software as a Service. Selling a platform for application that will be cost effective to the customer. Vendors needed to learn how to leverage this virtual service to increase their revenue, by approaching a new (one can say prehistoric) method. facing the customer, teaching them how to leverage their business with the newly purchased service. 

In the last couple of years since then the vary same approach was (re) adopted by the entire market. Customer Success, with the addition "and Growth", regardless the service or product being offer. having the customer keep on purchasing your products, that the key.